10 pieces of bad career advice keeping you from a 6-figure salary


This is big: one of my clients just doubled his salary. From 60K to 120K in 6 months. His new company even created a position just for him.

To celebrate I decided to do a top 10 video, that breaks down the 10 most common but awful pieces of career advice that keep people underpaid for years.

Even lovely, sensitive, and brilliant people like my client have a hard time discarding all the bad advice out there.

If you’ve ever heard advice like:

“Apply for jobs like it’s your job.”
“Pay your dues. You’ll get a raise eventually.”
“Let your whole network know when you’re looking for work.”
“Don’t quit. It’s normal to be miserable at work.”

This video is for you.

Please share it if you got something out of it, and if you didn’t. Lol.

Is it time to finally quit your job? Not sure if you should or not?

Darren Angle