Should you learn to code and change careers in 2019?


The average coder salary in the US is around 80K. So what's keeping you from taking a leap and becoming a computer programmer?

Maybe you still have a bunch of questions before you decide. This video will answer them and tell you exactly what you should do to start your career.

Here are the questions answered in this video

[00:50] - What's the most important trait you need to be a good programmer?

[02:12] - Do you need a computer science degree?

[03:41] - Do you need to be good at math?

[04:39] - I need money. How long will I be learning before I get a job?

[06:34] - What programming language should I learn first?

[07:32] - Should I sign up for a coding boot camp?

[09:21] - What if I'm a woman / LGBTQ / marginalized person? Will it be harder for me?

[11:59] - Starting from scratch, what steps should I take to have a career ASAP?

Here are some free resources for beginners:

Darren Angle