Should you quit your job?

Hey. I’m Darren. I’ve been helping people quit their jobs and do meaningful work for 3 years.

Can a quiz really tell you if you should quit?

There are a lot of quizzes out there that might give you some answers, but most of them aren’t very specific. 

Most don’t really address the real reasons people get stuck in jobs that make them miserable.

Here's what real people say about their jobs:

  • “The only reason I’m sticking around is my team. I don’t want to let them down.”

  • “I actually love a lot about my job, it just pays too little. I’m broke.”

  • “My bosses are incompetent and rude. I feel like I’m suffocating."

  • “I’m just not qualified for anything else. Do I have to go back to school?"

The truth is, the reasons people stay in jobs they hate are complicated.

And most 'Should I Quit My Job?' assessments and quizzes are way too simple.

This quiz is different.

Instead of throwing together some quick, vague, answers about how you should find your passion and live on the beach-- I spent a year researching the answers to these questions:

How do really successful people know when it’s time to quit?
What do people who stayed in bad jobs wish they knew earlier?

Turns out, the data shows that there are 6 metrics you should use in actually assessing whether or not to stay. 

Acknowledgement - How well are you seen at work?

Co-Working Culture - How do people treat each other?

Burnout Potential - How does your job make you feel?

Creative Autonomy - How much of a say do you have?

Meaning - Does your work matter to you?

Future Perspective - Do you see yourself sticking around?

When you take this quiz, you'll get a meaningful, custom report of where you stand in each of these categories. This will help you make a real decision, instead of just fueling a fantasy or staying stuck. Enjoy!